Let’s Drink Whiskey!!

Hallelujah, the end is nigh!!! The end of the wait for Season 2, that is. And I believe that the PERFECT way to enjoy the new season is to have a glass of your favorite whiskey (or whisky) in hand.

Stitches in Time – a Tribute to Collarbones

"this knowledge of history and culture can only truly be passed on if there is an audience willing to hear it. And I am quite frankly completely humbled by that realization."

Stitches in Time

In the interest of minimizing destruction of buttons delicately made of thin bone, horn, or metal in the stirring/mashing/boiling laundering process, people made buttons with thread. You read that right… thread.

Keeping Us Safe

We'll try to live up to your example to always be guided by faith, family and friends. Please keep us all safe.

Stories for Samhain-oween

Whichever way you choose to bless yourself, there’s just something about this time of year – a time when folks turn inward, get ready to grin and bear the idea of winter, and wait for spring to arrive.

Grape Jelly – An Adventure in Ugliness

I'll just go ahead and apologize at the beginning.  This post is going to travel all over the place. So sit back and enjoy. Scuppernong….skuuh…purr….nohhng? Is that right? I think so. So what is it? What’s it mean? I thought... Continue Reading →

Filtering Beeswax

Who WOULDN’T want a big bag filled with a sticky hard lump of honeyed wax with actual mushed up dead bees in it?!?!

Peppermint Bug Spray

Peppermint. Apparently the wee buggers hate the stuff.

Homemade Lotion – the birth of Minty Sun Bear

I needed to turn on my Claire cap, and make a lotion worthy of originating from the Ridge. And I did so, by simply mixing up my main ingredients to match those that would be available in a Fraser household. And thus, the birth of Minty Sun Bear lotion.

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