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It’s Fall Y’all! Prost!!

Prost! Slainte! Saluti! Cheers!! However you choose to raise your glass, there's nothing quite like the opportunity the month of October provides to sit back, gather with friends, and celebrate the onset of fall.  It helps, of course, that a... Continue Reading →

T’is the Season to Pick Holly

Wait, that's not right.  Those aren't holly berries at all, but are actually rose hips.  But regardless, it IS a season of picking if you're anything like me and like to add a bit of greenery to your home during... Continue Reading →

Stitches in Time – a Tribute to Collarbones

"this knowledge of history and culture can only truly be passed on if there is an audience willing to hear it. And I am quite frankly completely humbled by that realization."

Stitches in Time

In the interest of minimizing destruction of buttons delicately made of thin bone, horn, or metal in the stirring/mashing/boiling laundering process, people made buttons with thread. You read that right… thread.

Stories for Samhain-oween

Whichever way you choose to bless yourself, there’s just something about this time of year – a time when folks turn inward, get ready to grin and bear the idea of winter, and wait for spring to arrive.

Walnut Ink

Well this little exercise proved to be extremely simple and quite rewarding. While collecting acorns for my acorn flour experiment, I noticed that black walnuts were dropping as well and wondered how I could make use of them. For those... Continue Reading →

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