Yes, I’ve waxed it. And, yes. It hurts.

If you're wondering whether or not you have the nerve to do a little DIY honeypot maintenance, read here! (and fyi, this has nothing to do with bees.)

Filtering Beeswax

Who WOULDN’T want a big bag filled with a sticky hard lump of honeyed wax with actual mushed up dead bees in it?!?!

Peppermint Bug Spray

Peppermint. Apparently the wee buggers hate the stuff.

Homemade Lotion – the birth of Minty Sun Bear

I needed to turn on my Claire cap, and make a lotion worthy of originating from the Ridge. And I did so, by simply mixing up my main ingredients to match those that would be available in a Fraser household. And thus, the birth of Minty Sun Bear lotion.

Rendering Bear Fat

I’d never done any kind of fat rendering and was more than a bit skeptical of my stomach’s ability not to take one look at it, gag, and decide to leave the actual fat rendering to works of fiction.

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