Bay-BEE it’s cold outside!

As any beekeeper will tell you, winter is a scary time for our buzzers. After inspecting your hives every few weeks for the last nine months, you basically enter into this cold, dark season of not really knowing what's going... Continue Reading →

T’is the Season to Pick Holly

Wait, that's not right. ┬áThose aren't holly berries at all, but are actually rose hips. ┬áBut regardless, it IS a season of picking if you're anything like me and like to add a bit of greenery to your home during... Continue Reading →

Packing Pints of Pickled Peppers

If you've ever wondered if it's possible to grow and preserve your own food in nothing more than an unsealed glass jar, the answer is YES.

“Plahhhnt Poh-Tay-Toes”

Perfectly baked with a bit of butter, accompanied by sprinkles of salt and just a bit of brown sugar

Bees, Please

There's something a bit daunting about planning to transport 10,000 bees in your car. Being the novices that we are, we decided the trunk of the Honda Civic seemed like the safest bet. After all, we can't really ask the kids, "Here, hold this."

Wee herbs

Thanks to the fact that this particular day was about a bazillion degrees, the oregano was crunchy-dried in a matter of hours.

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