Love, Loss, and Dogs

Like many of you, I went through more than my typical tally of tissues while watching the episode “Faith”. While absolutely gut-wrenching for the Fraser family, I have a feeling that this episode struck some of us a bit more personally than other episodes because like our heroine, we’ve also experienced miscarriage.

Through a Glass, Darkly – My Muddled Review

Nope. Deal breaker, Randall. You're officially an ASS.

Stitches in Time – a Tribute to Collarbones

"this knowledge of history and culture can only truly be passed on if there is an audience willing to hear it. And I am quite frankly completely humbled by that realization."

Stitches in Time

In the interest of minimizing destruction of buttons delicately made of thin bone, horn, or metal in the stirring/mashing/boiling laundering process, people made buttons with thread. You read that right… thread.

Keeping Us Safe

We'll try to live up to your example to always be guided by faith, family and friends. Please keep us all safe.

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